Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshop Preparation

Its very important to us that you gain the maximum from the course. We would ask that you observe the following for the course:

You should not wear make-up and your finger nails need to be short and manicured. Please wear loose fitting clothing that will not restrict needling of body points. Please be aware that you will be receiving facial rejuvenation treatments (face points as well as body points) from other participants during the workshop, who are restricted to acupuncturists.

Comfort: Pillo, knee roll, blankets, if you feel you may need these while receiving treatment, please bring them with you.

Acu Points: There will be a number of new (Extra) points introduced on the day and needled during the day, however you may wish to revise the location of facial points before the day. We will provide you with a Face map of points for you.

List of Body Acu Points that may be used on the day.